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The use of manual system of data encryption and decryption has a damaging implication resultant on the images in some companies and the negative impact this trend has had on the users of such system. Much resource is lost annually by firms due to the uncontrolled and unscientific nature of this system.
In this traditional system, to guarantee privacy of information / communications between any two subscribes in a network consisting of 1000 members, 499,500 secret keys would be necessary, one for each possible combination of sender and receivers. Keys have been distributed by a secure channel such as a trusted courier with an attached case manual led to a wrist, a costly and time consuming method.
This particular project is set to appraise already existing system by designing a better one which will facilitate the level of satisfaction and competence in the challenges in information technology.


The ongoing dilemma of digital age is balancing convenience against security. Security is a system of safeguards for protecting information technology against disasters, system failure, and unauthorized access that can result in damage or loss. There are several reports of the spammers, crawlers and hackers who break into people’s privacy to gain illegal access to their data.  These have posed greater challenges on people who use database, transact online and internet users.
This project work is design to embark on a security mechanism using computerized data encryption and decryption system to resolve this problem.
Data encryption is the process of altering readable data into unreadable form to prevent unauthorized access. Encryption is able to use powerful mathematical concepts to create coded messages that are virtually impossible to break. As one article point out,  it is  easy to encrypt a message on a simple pc so that the biggest computer in the world couldn’t decipher it without spending far more time on the problem that exists in the life span of the entire universe.

There are two basic form of encryption      
Private Key and public key
Private key: Private key (symmetric) encryption means that the same secret key is used by sender and receiver to encrypt and decrypt a message. The encryption system (for “Data Encryption Standard”) was adopted as a federal standard for private key encryption in 1976.
Public key: Public key encryption means that two keys used a public key, which the receiver has made known before hand to the sender who uses it to encrypt message, and a private key, which only the receiver knows and

1.1                                STATEMENT OF PROBLEM
          Most networks or organizations database inclined. For effective and conducive working atmosphere, their data must be safeguarded to a reasonable extent. Data should be protected from unauthorized alteration.
The manual method of ensuring orderliness of movement of goods and information within the firm waste time, consume large resource, high man-power utilization and slow decision support. The result achieved is redundant, inaccurate and les satisfactory.
The use of a computerized system has shown a complete balance for a security management in our contemporary age.

1.2                AIMS AND OBJECTIVE
The aims and objectives of this study are as follows:
-          To reduce stress, time consumption and cost of operation involved in the manual system.
-          To design a system to restrict unauthorized access to its data usage.
-          To appraise the standard of computer programming to greater height of sophisticated and general comprehensibility.
-          To suggest security techniques which can create conducive working atmosphere for organizations who are having   data threatened.

1.3                PURPOSE OF THE STUDY
This project work is aimed at:
-          Investigating into the old system procedures and specifications so as to appreciate their problem routines and finally design automated system.
-          Improving the response time and main output requirement in the security
-          Management.
-          Conversion of all the various system specifications obtained during the period of investigation and analysis into series of instructions that can be carried out by the system.
-          Preparing gross estimation of probable overall and direct benefit for each possible alternatives.
-          Documenting the feasibility study in a report for users and system management.

1.4               SIGNIFICANT OF STUDY
The significant of this project work is to, solve the problem, the world are facing in the manual system of data encryption and decryption.
It is also to serve as an area of reference for future project work for people intending to write on a related scope of study.
To introduce the larger society the service of the computer thereby giving for more efficient and effective data encryption and decryption system.

This particular work is limited to the following:
-          Data encryption.
-          Data decryption.
-          Visual basic design.
-          Window platform.

During the study, I was confronted with a lot of constraints that inadvertently posed some sort of inconvenience on me during the project work.
I was financially incapacitated, time, poor response and inadequate of pre-existing literature on data encryption and decryption.

1.7         ASSUMPTIONS
It is assumed that encryption is done at the transmitter ie the while decryption is done at the individual receiver.
The program is in a window platform.
1.8                   DEFINITION OF TERMS
Encryption is the processing of altering readable data to unreadable form to prevent unauthorized access.
Decryption is the act of altering the unreadable form so that you can have access to the data using the correct procedure.
Data is unprocessed information which cannot be used for decision making.
Security is the process or system of safeguarding or protecting information technology against disaster, system failures, and unauthorized access that can result in damage or loss.
Manual system ÷ manual system is an old method and procedure of using human physical capabilities to achieve result.
Information – This is the meaningful processed data that an individual can gain knowledge for the purpose of making a decision.
Design – is the structuring construct of a system.
Implementation ÷ Implementation consist of detailed time table (using scientific aids), details conversion procedures and changeover procedure, including system testing.


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