Tuesday 27 December 2016


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Normal electrolyte values in an adult Nigerian population.
  1. Effect of dietary habits, disease patterns and psychological stress on known essential hypertensive in rivers state.
  2. PH effect on human erythrocyte shape.
  3. Plasma fibrinogen studies in diabetes mellitus.
  4. Plasma ascorbic acid levels of pregnant women in Port Harcourt.
  5. Serum proteins in protein-energy malnutrition.
  6. Arm blood flow and anti-diabetic drugs in man.
  7. Lactose intolerance in Port Harcourt
  8. Basal metabolic rate of adult males in Port Harcourt.
  9. The effect of pollution on the nutritional status of pre-school children.
  10. The assessment of nutritional status of pre-school children in Emohua village
  11. Effect of cigarette smoking on lung function.
  12. Effect of salt loading on blood sodium and potassium levels in males and females
  13. Influence of haemoglobin genotype on normal blood rheology.
  14. Effects of temperature and exercise on limb blood flow in man.
  15. Heights, weights, blood pressure, pulse, body surface area, respiratory rates in Nigerian pupils of primary school age.
  16. Serum and urinary levels of sodium and potassium in a normal adult Nigerian population.
  17. Blood flow in normal Nigerians and patients with diabetes mellitus.
  18. The estimation of basal metabolic rate (BMR) of adult females in Port Harcourt.
  19. Blood pressure changes during the menstrual cycle.
  20. Effect of plantain (Musa paradisiaca) on rabbit intestinal motility.
  21. Blood pressure in males.
  22. Effect of bitter kola (Garcina Kola), alligator pepper (Melegueta pepper), ions and drugs on toad (Bufo regularis) heart contraction.
  23. Effect of cola nitida on gastrointestinal motility of rabbit.
26.Abo and Rhesus (Rh) Gene distribution among socio-economic classes in a mixed population in rivers state, Nigeria.
27.Effect of haemoglobin genotype on exercise tolerance.
28.Effect of cations on gastric acid secretion in rats.
  1. The effect of cola nitida and gasinia cola on rabbit blood pressure.
  2. Haemoglobin genotype in rivers state.
  3. A study of potassium (K+) rectifier systems in the CAT’s airway smooth muscle.
  4. Normal serum calcium levels in random samples of adults in a Nigerian population.
  5. The effect of palm wine on gastric acid secretion.
  6. The estimation of basal metabolic rate (BMR) of adult females in Port Harcourt.
  7. An evaluation of the measurement of the specific gravity of blood as a screening test for blood donors.

  1. Incidence of colour blindness among university students in Port Harcourt.

  1. Red blood cell count, packed cell volume and Haemoglobin concentration in normal males in university of Port Harcourt.
  2. The effect of rate of Haemorrhage on blood pressure. Electrocardiogram and packed cell volume in cats.
  3. Effect of cola nitida and alligator pepper on gastric acid secretion.
  4. Creatinine clearance in pregnancy normalized to lean body mass
  5. Visual acuity in university students in Port Harcourt.

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